Time to stop and take ME time

What a week!!!

It must be said that moving house is one of the most stressful things we do in our lives..

Taking the big step and moving in with my Love was the easy part... both wanting to share our lives united and finding a fabulous house in town.

I’m so grateful for all that I have and continue to nurture but too I must honour my frustrations and triggers that have been firing during this time.

Endless trips back and forth... loading..unloading...kids... work...packing..unpacking ( hang on let’s be honest here... I’ve unpacked only the necessities.. we have a long way to go yet 😳)

Carpet cleaners.. truck hire.. to top it all off new place is freezing!!! Sourcing heating options and now a few of us fighting colds 🥶


Headed off to work this morning... stressed to the max and dreaded cold taking hold of me... my colleague took one look and me and marched me back out the door!!! ‘Rest rest rest beautiful’ were her instructions ❤️❤️


Why do us Mum’s feel we have to constantly be everything for everyone else in our lives... even us that know better and preach self care and love for our family and clients.


For the past hour I’ve cried and beaten myself up because of all the things I ‘haven’t’ done or expectations of myself I haven’t met.. the work I haven’t done for my business.. the time I’ve spent cranky at kids and my partner because of ‘my shit’.. the frustration I haven’t allowed myself time to breathe and be excited about our new adventure.. the list is endless and enough is enough.


I’ve just jumped back into bed.. heater cranking, tissues all ready to go and my pillow ready for my head for a well overdue nurturing rest.. ME is my priority today


The other stuff can wait...

PS The man of the house just came home with wall mount heaters for us all 🤗 let there be HEAT!! 







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